How It Works

Contact Tracing

Based on guidance from WHO, CDC and o thers, the COVID-19 Eliminator uses tried and true processes to find new cases from existing contacts while leveraging artificial intelligence to provide a dynamic, personalized experience annonymously. We specifically focus on tracing contacts of family, friends, and colleagues of persons with a COVID-19 positive test result. 

Symptoms Tracking

Although we know that 30 to 40% of COVID-19 cases remain asymptomatic, it is still very important to monitor each exposed person. The COVID-19 helps to do this by staying in with exposed patients touch daily. Even as the list of symptoms associated with COVID-19 continues to increase, and the COVID-19 Eliminator is designed to flexibly and quickly accomodate new entries.

Link to Healthcare

We know that up to 80% of COVID-19 positive cases do not need to be hospitalized. For the remaining 20%, we also know that the sooner they receive care, the more likely they are to survive. As long as we do not have a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19, linking patients with severe disease to care early is what we need to aim for. The COVID-19 Eliminator does this automatically. With the right care, at the right time, most patients can recover fully and go back to living an active, happy life.

What About Privacy and Security?


COVID-19 Eliminator is HIPAA Compliant

the COVID-19 Eliminator was created in compliance with HIPAA privacy rules and security regulations as they are expected to be implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to GDPR, every user provides consent, and their informaiton is kept private. Once they have traced their contacts, or tracked their symptoms, all of user personal health information will be deleted from the live site after 21 days.

COVID-19 Eliminator is GDPR Compliant

The COVID-19 Eliminator was created to be in compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations. Giving users maximum control over their data. All users provide consent at multiple steps along the way. At any time, users can withdraw their participation and request that their personal information be deleted from the site. A user's personal information will be automatically deleted within 21 days.

COVID-19 Eliminator Secures Its Data

The COVID-19 Data Protection and Security Team has been engaged from day 1 in guiding and refining the solution. The result is the implementation of reasonable data security measures that provide real time, continuous protection. Internal security protocols include access control and login security measures, encryption, endpoint firewall, malware scanner, secure backups, and a number of other measures.

Spread Positivity, Resiliency, and Hope.

Regaining control of our economy, returning to normal, and developing resilience  requires that we ensure minimal damage due to COVID-19, and the COVID-19 Eliminator can help with that. We partner with any trusted provider of services who have customers, constituents, and/or employees who are susceptible to severe diseases due to COVID-19. By providing them access to the COVID-19 Eliminator, we enable them to take action and link the ones they care about the most to the right heatlhcare at the right time. This action can save lives, as well as make them feel a bit more in control and hopeful.

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