"The effect of COVID-19 is personal, and contact tracing should be too. Eliminating COVID-19 should be more about preventing further harm to the Contact and those in their lives, and less about the numbers. "

About Us

Covid 19 Eliminator is the contact tracing tool built by Oxford Epidemiology Services. Our work has always been personal, driven by an imperative that people should not be reduced to a statistic. As a global epidemiology firm, we bring the expertise to view the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of an intercconnnected world. We are building from lessons learned from our work in mitigating epidemics such as HIV, TB, malaria, and water born diseases from 50+ countries. We know what works, and we have fused this knowledge in the COVIC 19 Eliminator. The result is a contact tracing tool that ensures each contact traced is linked to care.

About COVID 19 Eliminator

To control the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, it is important that the contacts of anyone with COVID-19 be traced, their symptoms tracked so that they can receive care as soon as they need it.  And to break the chain of transmission, people exposed to, or diagnosed with COVID 19 need to isolate themselves for up to 14 days.  

The COVID-19 Eliminator was established to perform contact tracing at times of high demand. 

Contact Tracing is Vital To Public Health 

Knowing who has the disease and who they have been in contact with makes early diagnosis a possibility. This increases the chances of people receiving the care they need in a timely manner. The type of information obtained during contact tracing can help to map out how the disease is spreading, and can contribute to preventing further spread.

In the case of Covid-19, which spreads very quickly even from people who do not have symptoms yet, it is also important that exposed people isolate themselves from others. This helps to break the cycle of infection, and the early recognition of symptoms can save lives.

Our Team

Impossible is not a word we understand.
Defeat is not something we accept.

The Covid-19 Eliminator team is part of Oxford Epidemiology Services, and we excel thanks to our people. 

The Covid-19 Eliminator team excels thanks to our people. Our diverse staff holds on to the belief that it is not too late to control this pandemic. Around the world, we stand ready to implement robust contact tracing while supporting communities to create networks of service delivery that will serve those found to be COVID-19 positive.  We use our diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and world views to create a product that can be trusted by the communities where we work. We have one goal, and that is to improve the quality of life of people affected and infected by COVID-19 globally. 

Our Approach

Scientific Rigour. Flexibility. Innovation.
Continuous improvement.

The COVID 19 Eliminator is designed to be flexible and agile with the intention of matching the needs of communities and clients that uses it for contact tracing and symptoms tracking. This is because we understand that with contact tracing for this pandemic, one size does not fit all. Different communities may have different resources that can be made available to people with COVID 19. 

As part of Oxford Epidemiology Services, our approach our work with scientific rigor, discipline and humor, with a firm commitment to continuously improve so that we deliver an exact solution to each client’s needs for contact tracing and symptoms tracking. We set high expectations for ourselves with particular focus on protecting the privacy and confidentiality of users. And throughout our engagement, we seek to achieve the best outcomes and to maintain our reputation for excellence and a trusted provider of epidemiology services. 

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