It's Time to Restore Confidence

and Protect Your Patients and Loved Ones.

You became a doctor to provide a necessary service, but COVID-19 has greatly undermined many people’s confidence in the safety of clinics and hospitals. Many who need non-COVID-19 medical care are not coming in, or coming in late because they worry they may catch COVID-19 from the clinic. Those with COVID-19 are also going undetected because they don’t know they have it.  Let us help you handle COVID-19 and regain the trust of your patients.

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It's Time to Save More Lives.


And while no one is imune to COVID-19, with rapid diagnosis and good clinical care, fewer will die. The COVID-19 Eliminator is easy to use, cost-effective, and delivers results. White labeling is an option.

It's Time To Provide the Best Services in Uncertain Times.


Imagine being able to link people to care right when they need it. The Covid-19 Eliminator, in a union between artificial intelligence and machine learning, does just that.

Focused, Personal Care

Instead of uncertainty, you can now consider each person's unique history and decide on the right care, and at scale. It's time to differentiate your practice or health system as one that cares about all.

It's Time To Regain Control.

Covid-19 Eliminator provides innovative, hands-on solutions to find patients exposed to COVID-19 and link them to health care. In the process, it eliminates the uncertainty that surrounds COVID-19, helping you to regain control and increase the number of patients who benefit from your care. 

Clients share their experience

I had lost a few elderly patients before discovering this service. Since I have started to use it in my clinic, I have not lost a single patient, even though the pandemic is far from over. I definitely feel more in control than before and can now focus on helping my patients deal with this.
Maria Chavez
I wish I had known about this for my mother. She was diagnosed with COVID-19, and lives far from me. No one was looking in on her like this program does, and she ended up in the ICU for three months. I excited to start using this in my clinic, and I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues.
James Chin
The COVID-19 Eliminator is a godsend, especially for our marginalized populations. As we implement it more widely in our system, the data it produces is really helping with our planning. I wish we had stared to use it sooner, but I am glad we have it now, jsut in time for the second wave and the flu season.
Michelle Johnson, MD

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