We can control covid-19 if we find new cases quickly.

As epidemiologists, we know that epidemics and pandemics can be controlled, managed, and eventually eradicated by implementing with good public health measures with high fidelity.


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Rapid Covid-19 Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 Eliminator uses tried and true procesess to find new casess from existing contacts while leveraging AI to provide a dynamic experience, and block chain for ultimate protection of personnal information.

Rapid Covid-19 case detection

 The CDC estimates that 35% of new Covid-19 cases do not show any symptoms. This is why the COVID-19 Eliminator monitors any  exposed individuals for 14 days. The soonner we catch symptoms, the more lives we can save. 

Co-Creation Services

Every State, Health System, Community organization or private entity is different. This is why we co-create the COVID-19 Eliminator with you to meet your own needs. If you think clinicians should be notified, we can make that happen.

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Fast contact tracing

Covid-19 Eliminator is hosted online. We can provide a robust Contact Tracing Solution within 3 days to one week. If customizations are many, it may take a few more days.

pandemic preparedness services

We can review your current responnse to the Pandemic, and provide advice on ways forward given specifics about yoru catchment population.

review of existing contact tracing efforts

We can provide a review of your current contac tracing solutions, or overall response to the pandemic. We will work together with you to finalize your COVID-19 plans.

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